Long Oil Alkyd Resin

9/9/2021 3:51:03 PM

Long Oil Alkyd Resin

Long Oil Alkyd Resin


Long oil alkyd resin is based on vegetable fatty acids such as soy, sunflower, rapeseed, etc.

Long oil alkyd is used in the production of building, facade, decorative and anti-rust paints.

Long resin is actually esterification of acid with alcohol.

The length of long resin oil makes for good writing and suitable coverage.

Long alkyd resin is preferable to other resins due to its lack of brittleness and suitable adhesion for building paints and anti-rusts.

Long oil alkyd resin dries easily at ambient temperature due to the use of drying fatty acids in the vicinity of metal dryers and oxygen.

For this reason, Long Oil resins are also known as dry air resins.

Long Oil resin is a very suitable option for glossy colors due to maintaining its glossiness in addition to producing semi-glossy, semi-matte and matte colors.

Long alkyd resin mainly has an oil length between 56 and 62%.
Long resin has good solubility in aliphatic solvents.

Long oil alkyds, containing 55% of drying oil, are used in building interiors paints, wood finishes,

primer for anti-corrosive maintenance, industrial coating.


Long Oil Alkyd Resin APS 118

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