Short Oil Alkyd Resin

9/9/2021 3:58:35 PM

Short Oil Alkyd Resin

Short oil alkyd Resin

Short-Oil Alkyd Resins have a short oil length of about 30-40%.

These resins are generally produced based on drying oils such as soybean oil or non-drying oils such as coconut and linseed.
Short oil resins have a longer drying time and usually have limit ed solubility in aromatics and non-aliphatic solvents.

Short oil alkyd resins are used in various industries, including the automotive industry, to produce paint for metal surfaces and construction.

Short alkyd resin is produced based on soybean fatty acids and has an oil length of 30%.

It has good compatibility with other short oil resins, amino resins and nitrocelluloses.


Features of short oil alkyd resin

- Good flexibility, excellent gloss, high hardness
- very good adhesion,
- Air drying
- High outdoor durability, chemical resistance


Short oil alkyd resin application

- Nitrocellulose paints for wood and metal
- Layers and top coatings of household appliances
- Air-dry, quick-dry and kiln-fired colors
- Modifier resin in coil coating systems


Short oil alkyd, containing 30-35% of oil with fast drying properties and good mechanical resistance suitable for hammer industrial paint,

polyurethane, plasticizer for hard resins, wood acid curing coatings, anti-corrosive machinery oven curing paints.


Short Oil Alkyd Resin APS 310

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