Universal Polyurethane Hardener

8/28/2021 9:51:58 PM

Universal Polyurethane Hardener

Universal Polyurethane Hardener

Hardeners that are produced on the basis of Iso-cyanide Aliphatic are composed as a second part with paints,

clears and polyurethane acrylic undercoats causing them to be hardened and dried.

Whereas the hardeners react to oxygen and turn  into gel,

a special technology is used in packing these products in order to prevent entry of oxygen.

This would also lengthen the life shelf of the product.

Therefore, it is advised to avoid repeated opening and closing the cap

of the can and tighten it after us*e in order to minimize the entry of air.

Sadra Company provides these materials in three 250 ml, 0.5-liter and one-liter cans in order to be used with a required quantity.

It should be noted that the product should not be used if it turns opaque or  into tiny crystals.

Type of package: 250 ml, 0.5-liter and one-liter cans     


Safety precautions

These products should always be kept out of reach of children. They should also be kept away  from heat due to inflammability.

When working with the paints a ventilation system and suitable clothes, goggles and masks should certainly be used and in the event of eye contact,

the eye should be washed with plenty of water immediately and the individual should be referred to the nearest treatment center.

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