White Nitrocellulose putty

9/9/2021 3:20:24 PM

White Nitrocellulose putty1019

White Nitrocelluloseputty 1019

White nitrocellulose putty is used to eliminate the roughness of the outer surface and the pores of the wood.

Instant wood putty acts as a sealer.

The difference is that the sealer does not have the ability to cover the wood waves, while this is possible for white wood putty.

We are providing SADRA Nitrocellulose putty which offer very fine and soft sanding properties soon after application. SADRA

NC Putty is easy to apply with quick feature and give excellent finish.


Applications of White nitrocellulose putty

To use instant cellulose paints to cover wood surfaces, it is recommended to use white wood putty.

White wood putty increases the strength and adhesion of the paint.

The white color of the wood putty makes the final color brighter, more beautiful.

Advantages and features of White nitrocellulose putty

Quick drying capability (dries in 5 minutes at normal temperature)
Solvent in instant thinners
Ability to sand quickly and easily
Complete removal of bumps and roughness of the work surface



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