professional polyurethan clear

8/28/2021 8:47:49 PM

professional polyurethan clear

Professional polyurethan clear

This Clear coat is produced on the basis of polyurethane acrylic resin with the specifications of easy application,

quick drying, glittering, appearance, flexibility, and resistance against humidity, corrosion, hit, abrasion, and other,

plant and animal secretions, different cleaners and corrosion and suitable for cold and warm,

dry and humid conditions and steams.


Decorative coating and final layering on various surfaces such as Iron,

aluminum, bronze, polymeric components, stone and other materials with the purpose of protection,

shining and stability of the underlying layers in different industries including repair of automobiles,

and offshore, construction and industrial structures.


In 1 and 0.5 liter packages (with possibility of receiving orders in other sizes).         

Drying modes                          20° C                    60° C

---------------------------------------------------------------------- - -

Drying of upper layer              15 minutes        5 minutes

Drying of viscidity                100 minutes      15 minutes

Dried for touching                    4 hours          20 minutes

Final drying                              8 hours          30 minutes

---------------------------------------------------------------------- - -


Safety precautions

These products should always be kept out of reach of children.

They should also be kept away  from heat due to inflammability.

When working with the paints a ventilation system and suitable clothes,

goggles and masks should certainly be used and in the event of eye contact,

the eye should be washed with plenty of water immediately and

the individual should be referred to the nearest treatment center.

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